PG in Kundalahalli

People are always migrating for better jobs and business opportunities. It is beyond human nature to stay at one place, they keep circulating and moving to other places for greener pastures. Bangalore is one such place which has attracted the students as well as job people within its realms, as it is proving consistently the hub and den of lucrative jobs and business opportune. People coming from across India as well as around the globe do get their dream job but often must face the most basic need of human being’s food and shelter.

Without better housing and food facility these people were often facing a lot of problems that was somehow affecting their performance. There was no mid-way solution, either they stayed in hostel, which was too stringed and restricted, or stay in rented flat or hotel which burnt their salary enormously. With pressing need, arises solution in the form of paying guest concept which has developed into a lucrative business and is also solving a major problem of the students and job people.

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Suyash PG in Kundalahalli offers several flexible options suiting according to the people’s need and budget. Here people can opt for single room or shared rooms, ac rooms/non-ac rooms, food facility, cleaning/laundry services, etc. under best price points. We have identified and located our PG’s nearby to the office places where people need not have to travel much and can commute at any hour of the day. We are based in 3 most hub areas of Bangalore, like M.G. Road , Marathahalli, and PG in Kundalahalli.

All these locations are just walking distance to Metro stations and are centrally located to important areas. Being next to office areas, saves time and money lost in commuting, and is also safe during nights. One looking for Pg in Kundalahalli, can opt for Suyash PG.

Separate and safe facilities for ladies are very less available. But we at Suyash PG understand the sensibilities of working women, and hence provide the safe, secure, clean PG with healthy food facility.

SUYASH PG has 3 branches, but the PG in  Kundalahalli, Whitefield is very accommodative, complacent, and convenient. One always look for a Pg in kundanahalli . Most of the office areas are in Whitefield which makes office-goers want to stay nearby to avoid wastage of travelling time. It is also just 1 1/2 hours from airport, which also makes it an idol stay for people who are on frequent inter-city travel. Suyash PG is also next to multi-speciality hospital, that is an added advantage for both people staying in the PG, and people who want to stay for, while their guardians are in hospital for treatment. The PG provides appetizing and flavourful North/South Indian food with all other facilities like Wi-Fi, 32” inch Led TV, common washing machine and many more facilities.

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