Best PGs in Marathahalli

How to select best PG in Marathahalli

Suyash PG, is one of the best PGs in Marathahalli. Paying guest accommodation has become the need of the time in Bangalore. There are many PG in Marathahalli, and to select the best PG in Marathahalli, one must know the attributes of a good PG. A PG can be required for a short time or for longer durations. Let us discuss some important qualities that Suyah PG has that makes it one of the best PGs in Marathahalli.

  • Connectivity

A PG that is just walking distance to a bus store and few necessary daily stores is convenient. People must commute, and if a bus stand is nearby, coming and going becomes easy and less tiring for working professionals. Suyash PG is just walking distance to nearest bus stop, and is also next to malls, multiplexes, hospitals, and other necessary life requirements.

It is also nearby to the working zones and corporates, making it easy to commute to and from the offices, and a good option to choose Suyash PG.

  • Flexibility

Suyash PG understands the need of individuals as to requiring single, double or triple sharing accommodation. Such facility may not be available in other PGs in Marathahalli. Usually people have only option of sharing with too many in a congested room. Suyash PG offers single room, double/triple sharing with attached bathrooms. It gives choice to people to live at their own convenience, privately, or sharing.

Bathrooms are the biggest woes of all PGs. But in case of Suyash PG, bathrooms are decent and well maintained. The cleaning and maintenance is also at the best. Clean bedrolls consisting of branded 8” spring mattress and pillows, with special storage designer bed may not be available in other PG’s. The rooms are swept and swapped daily, looking fresh and welcome at the end of hard working day for the inmate.

Rooms are big airy, luxurious,well-furnished and pleasantly decorated.

  • Food

People cannot sustain eating unhealthy and outside food on regular basis. Unlike other PG’s in Marathahalli, all the meals are prepared fresh and hygienically, in a sumptuous kitchen. The meals are prepared at around 7:45 am, making it convenient for people to eat breakfast and carry lunch to their office. Morning and evening tea are available and pure, tasty, north & south Indian vegetarian meals are prepared to cater all dining facility

  • Other amenities

PGs in Marathahalli, usually do not provide a fridge in each room, but Suyash PG does. It has entertainment room for people to get social on weekends. There are washing machine facility on terrace, where one can wash and air simultaneously. 32” LED TV, with airtel digital HD connection in each room, is a source of good entertainment after a tiring day or at weekends.

Wi-Fi has become one of the most necessary requirements of life other than oxygen. And if it is free, unlimited and at high speed, it is godsend. Suyash PG is only one of the PGs in Marathahalli, that has this undisturbed facility.

People while staying may buy a two-wheeler for commuting. But if there is no proper parking space available, it becomes difficult to keep and maintain it. But Suyash PG, PG in Marathahalli, has ample and convenient parking space for people to keep and enjoy the two-wheeler ride.

Lift may not be available in any PGs in Marathahalli. Lifts are convenient and necessary to move quick and in case of carrying luggage.

  • Security and insurance

PGs in Marathahalli, usually may not be offering free accident insurance, and 24/7 security and CCTV surveillance. Suyash PG covers accident insurance for people who will stay for more than 6 months. The security system with vigilant guards are there at the PG. Suyash PG understands the timing curfew, as most people are working and must go for different shifts, it does not impose in & out and late-night curfews. But at the same understands that some regularities need to be imposed to maintain discipline, hence is judicious in laying certain rules.

Suyash PG, unlike any other PGs in Marathahalli, is the first PG to acquire an ISO certification, which makes it more responsible andworthy.

  • Co-living

Suyash PG may be only few of PGs in Marathahalli, that accommodates co-living. Co-living, in todays genre cannot be ignored. People wish to stay together, and it may create problem to take separate boys & girls PG. Co-living is a generous and acceptable attitude of Suyash PG.

It also offers hotel like service & stay for people who come for health treatment for their kin and require staying for some days.

They also serve like service apartment for people who take single personal room.

There are many frequent travellers who come on regular basis for business and want to stay for a day or single night. They are also provided stay and meals at a very reasonable price.

Suyash PG, in fact is home to frequent flyers, in and out from Bangalore.

So far, we discussed above How to select best PG in Marathahalli and must have got an insight as to why select Suyash PG from other PGs in Marathahalli.



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